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Our organic farming system makes a difference to the environment and to peoples health. We maintain high animal welfare, low environmental impacts and are farming towards a zero carbon status.

Nutrient rich eggs.

As nature intended.

Our hens are free to roam,
free to explore
and free to forage in organic pastures.

Our flock sizes are small (under 600 hens per flock) and run at 30 hens per hectare. Their mobile homes are shifted around the farm and the hens have no restrictions to graze on diverse and bountiful pastures and nutritious bugs - they literally have a smorgasbord of tasty treats at their doorstep! The goodness that goes into their diet is replicated in the nutritious eggs they produce.

Ready for you to enjoy.


Organic or Free Range

Our farm is certified organic and all our hens get a rich diet of natural organic plants and bugs. Whether the grain fed to our hens is sourced from our farm or a local non GMO producer, you're guaranteed to get a nutrient rich egg from a happy and healthy hen.


Certified organic.

Our hens are fed grain that is grown and milled on our certified organic farm.

Free range.

Our hens are fed non GMO grains sourced from a local producer and milled on our farm.



A rich natural yellow yolk and a firm egg white.

Whether you enjoy a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs,
create authentic pasta, or construct a delicate kiwi pavlova,
you'll notice the rich quality our eggs bring
to your plate and your palette.

Feed the soul pasta.png

Quality ingredients create quality products.

We supply a Christchurch based pasta maker who uses
our eggs in her authentic Italian pasta. She wrote to say,

“Our pasta is so bright yellow just like back at home in Italy! This is the first time in years that
I have experienced this!"

Alba and Stefano - Feed the Soul.

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