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No one ever regrets buying quality.

The best chefs and restaurants use the highest quality ingredients.

And so did my Nana.

My Nana was the queen of baking (I imagine yours was too). She used to have her own small flock of hens who roamed free and the eggs they produced were different to the ones you often bought in a store. Her egg yolks were a rich yellow (not orange) and the whites were firm. 

Unfortunately, many people don't experience the difference a high quality, natural and nutrient rich egg will make in their baking.

In today's world many of our goods are mass produced and the quality of the product is lacking. At Arnstead farm, our approach is different as we are a small producer focused on producing nutrient rich eggs. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. 

Our customers

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1431 State Highway 1, Rd 5h 9493 Oamaru

Federal Diner White.png

47 Helwick St,

 Wanaka 9305

Brydone Logo.jpg

115 Thames Street, Oamaru 9400

the galley.jpg

Esplanade, South Hill, Oamaru 9400


220 Thames Street, Oamaru 9400


The Lindis

1490 Birchwood Road, Ahuriri Valley 9412

QT Hotel White.png

QT Hotel

30 Brunswick Street, Queenstown 9300

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