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Certified organic.  

Since 2005

Our farm has been certified organic since 2005, therefore you won’t find any genetically modified organisms (GMO), ruminant proteins or any artificial egg yolk enhancing colourants added to the hen’s diet. With a mix of quality water and organic feed grown on our farm, our hens produce vegetarian friendly, healthy, nutrient rich eggs - as nature intended.

We live on our family farm located on the picturesque plains of the Waitaki River in the South Canterbury region. Our organic farm focuses on producing a nutrient-dense product for not just ourselves but for the consumers. After receiving feedback from customers buying at our roadside egg stall we realised that not all eggs are equal and we had a point of difference. This sparked the growth of our business onto a more commercial scale.


Our farm has been organic
since 2005.

We felt that organics fitted our values and we wanted organic produce for our family.

Animal welfare is at the heart of this farm, right down to rehoming older hens on lifestyle blocks, with the income

from their sale going to charity.

Our whole farm system practice

We're passionate about sustainability and are keen to share our values and knowledge with others.

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